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ERAXIS® (anidulafungin) Overdosage


During clinical trials a single 400 mg dose of ERAXIS was inadvertently administered as a loading dose. No clinical adverse events were reported. In a study of 10 healthy subjects administered a loading dose of 260 mg followed by 130 mg daily; 3 of the 10 subjects experienced transient, asymptomatic transaminase elevations (≤3 × ULN) [see Warnings and Precautions (5.1)].

Anidulafungin is not dialyzable.

The maximum non-lethal dose of anidulafungin in rats was 50 mg/kg, a dose which is equivalent to 10 times the recommended daily dose for esophageal candidiasis (50 mg/day) or equivalent to 5 times the recommended daily dose for candidemia and other Candida infections (100 mg/day), based on relative body surface area comparisons.

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